A Springboard for Thought

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Rob Bell
June 18, 2021

Storytelling is a vital component in understanding the world around us. I have always used storytelling as both a vehicle for exploration and expression.

Story is defined as an account of imaginary or real people and events told for entertainment. While we all love stories that keep us on the edge of our seats, few things about this last year's events have been entertaining.

Now more than ever storytelling must go beyond entertainment. A 'good story' should challenge its audience to think deeper and re-evaluate preconceived notions and comfort zones that keep the institutional status quo alive generation after generation.

Steven James | Your Story Matters

In our current climate, across all mediums, a story must prioritize authenticity and transparency to live up to its power and importance in our society. When these components are put first and then weaved into a compelling narrative, a story becomes a springboard for thought. Thought becomes action, and even the tiniest movement can lead to ripples that change our world.

As June gives us Pride month and Juneteenth, two celebratory markers that highlight marginalized sections of America, we are reminded that a good story can reimagine diversity, inclusion, and tolerance while giving us a vision of our society when we are at our best.

At Steven James, we place the value not simply on an entertaining story, though we do want them to be engaging, but in understanding the importance of getting your story right. We do this so you or your brand is shown with the utmost authenticity, and by doing so you build with your audience a sincere connection.

Our ethos of Your Story is Our Story means we’ve mastered the most sacred language in our industry. We know that in sharing your stories we can’t just speak marketing or advertising, more than anything we must speak human. And just like that, together we connect to others and provoke the thought that leads to action that ushers in the ripple of change.

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