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e are Steven James. A cast of storytellers who have excelled in a wide range of professions including feature film production, government, tech, education, and small business entrepreneurship, as well as young talent infusing fresh vision in all we do. The result is a multi-layered perspective with one goal: to develop long-term advocates for our partners.

Compelling Storytellers

SJMG is made up of professionals deeply committed to crafting authentic stories - visual, verbal, and always vital. Our staff consists of cinematographers who have filmed around the globe, writers & directors whose works have been internationally released, and theater professionals who have told original stories and timeless classics to all ages. Universal narrative elements have connected people forever, and whether you are a hometown business or a multinational enterprise, we will use our expertise with these elements to tell your story.

Ideation & Implementation

Our only measure of success is effective results. Don't let our creative capabilities distract you from our strategic marketing acumen. We have a deeply engrained ethos of taking care of every element that a project demands. The greatest concepts ever devised may never see the light of day if the gods of Logistics, Variables, Small Details & Synergy are not paid tribute. We thrive in scenarios of all types. We lead when you need us to, or we simply supplement & support. Either way, our partnership amplifies your team's capabilities.

Studio-Based Collaborative

We began as a space for creatives to create. We recognize individual strengths but do not limit ourselves by tightly defined roles. We respect the power of the other perspective. Writers can be mired until the visual artist frees them with a fresh idea – just as the reverse is true. Clients that walk in our door carry their challenges and goals, in need of new viewpoints. Our passion is peeling away the layers until solutions emerge.  Their voice, words, and images come to surface, and then we are able to tell their story to the world. Your story is our story.

What We Do & How We Work


From the silver screen to your phone screen, from casting to final credits, few productions demonstrate creative gravitas like a feature film seen by millions around the world. -- And we've done it several times.


Some brands have packed on the muscle with sizable strength in their market. But every brand is like a bodybuilder wanting more gains! When it's time to hit the gym, even Mr. Olympia has a coach.


They say don't put all your eggs in one basket. We agree! Try a (creative) incubator instead. Like a waddle of penguins, let us take a turn warming your growth strategies & get them to hatch.


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The marketing may be in the form of a regular news item or half column society news.

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Our filmmaking community has lost a giant in the passing of Jessie Maple, pioneering cinematographer & director.

Taking It International

Our videoproduction manager, Nathan Mancini, travels to Girona, Spain for a client shoot.

SJ Collabs with Golf Channel's Rich Lerner During PGA Championship

Team SJ had the great fortune of collaborating with legendary Golf Channel personalities Rich Lerner & Brandel Chamblee for a PGA Championship event.

News Alert: SJ's Feature Film Making Big Splash In Streaming World

Our clients span from our own backyard to across the nation, our work has been seen around the world & our stories have reached millions.

Summer Check-In

In those dog-days of summer, we should all be doing a bit of a marketing gut-check.

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