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e are Steven James. A cast of storytellers who have excelled in a wide range of professions including feature film production, government, tech, education, and small business entrepreneurship, as well as young talent infusing fresh vision in all we do. The result is a multi-layered perspective with one goal: to develop long-term advocates for our partners.

Compelling Storytellers

SJMG is made up of professionals deeply committed to crafting authentic stories - visual, verbal, and always vital. Our staff consists of cinematographers who have filmed around the globe, writers & directors whose works have been internationally released, and theater professionals who have told original stories and timeless classics to all ages. Universal narrative elements have connected people forever, and whether you are a hometown business or a multinational enterprise, we will use our expertise with these elements to tell your story.

Ideation & Implementation

Our only measure of success is effective results. Don't let our creative capabilities distract you from our strategic marketing acumen. We have a deeply engrained ethos of taking care of every element that a project demands. The greatest concepts ever devised may never see the light of day if the gods of Logistics, Variables, Small Details & Synergy are not paid tribute. We thrive in scenarios of all types. We lead when you need us to, or we simply supplement & support. Either way, our partnership amplifies your team's capabilities.

Studio-Based Collaborative

We began as a space for creatives to create. We recognize individual strengths but do not limit ourselves by tightly defined roles. We respect the power of the other perspective. Writers can be mired until the visual artist frees them with a fresh idea – just as the reverse is true. Clients that walk in our door carry their challenges and goals, in need of new viewpoints. Our passion is peeling away the layers until solutions emerge.  Their voice, words, and images come to surface, and then we are able to tell their story to the world. Your story is our story.
Our Process

How We Work


Discover your story

Many of us become so immersed in the details of our daily work and lives that we don’t see the entire arc and captivating aspects of our own journeys. Our first priority is to help you discover – or rediscover – your story: the challenges, the success, the pain points, the dream. How do we do it? First, we listen. We listen in our workspace and oftentimes in your workspace – because we know environment matters. We listen while you are away from the job and on the job – because we know context matters. We stay alert for the authentic voice because we know it doesn’t always present itself openly and fully. Sometimes it only appears in snippets and fragments. Sometimes it reveals itself more in what is NOT said than in what is said. Capturing the authentic voice is like catching fish. Sure, anyone can cast a line and occasionally hook a big one. That’s what makes it fun. But you know who catches the most fish? The people who know how to fish.

Craft your story

Now we have a map to your brand’s vibe, voice, and values. All we need to do is stay in our lane and follow the directions, right? Except at Steven James, we don’t really have lanes. It’s more like we’re in a busy roundabout playing bumper cars. There are side swipes and fender benders and even the occasional collision. But what emerges from the creative snarl is the right vehicle to tell your particular story. One with a powerful and well-tuned engine. From here, we only have to have the story sanded smooth, have the dents knocked out, & give it a beautiful paint job. Luckily, we have the best body shop in the business. It’s called the Steven James Video Production team.

Visualize your story

Their tools include the use of light, of depth perception, of intricate cameras and powerful editing programs. But beyond the technical acumen, our team is highly skilled at connecting with its subjects – putting them at ease because things tend to change when the camera’s red light comes on. They explain, they direct, they support. They have a detailed plan and they stick to that plan closely until it’s time to change the plan. Because a vital part of every good plan is knowing that things often don’t go as planned. That is when our vast experience pays dividends. The SJ video team does more than capture images: it creates them and constructs them. The whole process is kind of like fishing…hold it…we already used that one. Okay, just take a look at the images on this site. They really know what they’re doing. A picture says a thousand words... (hey, a cliché didn’t become a cliché without some truth behind it.)

Communicate your story

We have captured your story in a powerful package. What’s next? Magnify it. Amplify it. Qualify it. A story shouted in a barren wilderness will fail to move a single soul. But the same story told in the right village, in the right venue, at the right volume can move the world. The Steven James media and communication specialists will identify the optimum times, platforms, and strategies to spread your story far and wide at the best possible value. And eventually, hopefully, with a lot hard work, a load of strong data, and a dash of good luck, you won’t have to deliver your message so far and so wide. The world will be waiting curb side to hear your message the moment you open your door.

Video Production

Capture. Edit. Release.
Our team captures the perfect images,
edits them for maximum impact,
and releases them back into the world.
We have the process down like
Lather. Rinse. Repeat.
Capture. Edit. Release.

Brand Positioning

We balance your objectives with your vision, assess the overall quality and consistency of your branding, optimize each asset associated with your organization. But ‘ya know that dreaded utterance: ‘It seemed like a good idea at the time.’ Our real job is to make sure you never have to say it.

Content & Creative

We take the messaging that tells your story – your successes, your challenges, your future goals – all the stuff that is often as interesting as a dozen farm fresh eggs. Then we transform them into supercharged ultraviolet psychedelic bedazzled Fabergé eggs. Then we organize an egg hunt. Or maybe we make an omelet. Relax. We’ll come up with something good.

Cause Marketing

We believe the only way to do effective cause marketing is to reach hearts. But to get to hearts, you have to tunnel through minds – the minds of every party involved with the cause. Heartspaces are beautiful, simple and tranquil. Mindspaces can be scary, complex and volatile. That’s what we’re here for – to do the intimidating work of tunneling through minds to reach hearts.


Strategy means many things to many people. Football is played on a gridiron by players battling for ten grueling yards at a time. Baseball is played on a diamond by players who want nothing more than to get home. What’s your game and what’s your goal? Our team will blend data, experience, & intuition to match strategy to strengths. We certainly don’t want you playing checkers while your competition is playing chess. Unless it actually is a Checkers Tournament. Then you’re okay, we suppose.


Timing is everything, and when it comes to Business Consulting the best time is BEFORE not AFTER. Sit with us before developing a vital proposal or going all in on an expensive rebrand or redirection. We will review your operations. We will help organize, visualize & stylize your initiative. But please, we beseech you, call when it’s a renewal project and not a salvage operation.


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