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Jess Pavone
April 1, 2020

his past week, two of our employees had the pleasure of attending the Conex conference in Toronto, Canada, hosted at the Royal Conservatory of Music, to interact and learn from some of the best in the digital marketing industry. Hosted by Uberflip, with other sponsors including Vidyard and Convince & Convert, there were multiple organizations that contributed to making this event possible. Brianna, our account manager, and Jess, our PR manager, attended the conference to represent Steven James. As marketers, working with client social media presence, inbound marketing, content creation, and reputation management, they were sure to extract the most from this experience. From presentations to interactive workshops, there were many opportunities to look at content in a different way!

Included with their conference passes, there were three days full of opportunities to learn. Day one was workshop-focused, with three different tracks available. Each track of workshops was hosted in a classroom or theatre on the campus, starring guest speakers associated with that track of content. For example, Brie attended the video-focused track, where she learned more about utilizing the power of video in a digital marketing strategy. By attending these workshops throughout the day, she was able to focus on the video parts of digital advertising, while Jess attended the workshops focused on creating content. Formatting the conference this way was not only efficient, but it provided ample opportunities to focus and grow in specific parts of the industry, and allowing co-workers to divide and conquer the conference.

Day two was a day full of guest speakers, hosted in the main theatre of the RCOM. The guest speakers included a vast array of industry professionals, including, Randy Frisch, Jay Baer, Neil Patel, April Dunford, Ardath Albee, Robert Rose, Mark Schaefer, and so many more. Plus, comedian James Veitch and professional stuntman JT Homles made very special guest appearances! Each speaker provided different opinions and advice on aspects of the content experience, and included humor as well as credibility in their presentations, making the entire event extremely enjoyable and attention-grabbing. Day three was a combination of both workshops and guest speakers, to tie up the conference in a cohesive way.

One of the best parts of the overall Conex experience was the ability to network. It is quite inexplainable to be surrounded by so many like-minded businessmen/women with truly unique ideas and organizations. When people come together to not only learn from one another but to get to know one another, there is hope that the competitiveness of this industry doesn’t have to be feared, but yet, embraced. The beauty of this industry is the multiple ways one can go about accomplishing the same objective, and that is something that will keep our flames lit forever. Until next time, Conex!

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