Happy Holidays from Steven James

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Paul Root
December 16, 2020

very year we look forward to inviting our client family to join us for a holiday party. But this is a different year, and to ensure we all stay healthy & safe, we're delivering the holiday spirit to you another way.

We still made a list, checked it over twice, but instead of the party supplies, catering selections & bar menu, our list contained something very different. We counted the ways in which you've made our craft as storytellers meaningful, sharing your story under a unique set of circumstances, finding the right words to more deeply connect with your audience in an uncertain time, and perhaps most importantly, reminding us what Family means, and how grateful we are to call you part of ours.

We could think of no better way to send holiday greetings than using our art of visual storytelling. This season, we thank you for being a part of the SJ Family and wish you a happy, healthy holiday & prosperous new year.

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