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Jess Pavone
June 18, 2020

e’re finally hearing the words “Open for business!” And that’s a wonderful thing to hear.

These last couple of months have been really challenging for so many people and businesses, but one thing has been reinforced; every time we’re confronted by a crisis, we embrace our sense of community and togetherness, realizing our capacity to overcome may well be limitless.

CloudSmartz is a Pipeline Innovation Awardee

One key factor is undoubtedly our ability to communicate, and not just in a public service announcement kind of way, but with each other, as people, checking in on the neighbor across the street, our relatives a few states away, and those in our extended orbit on the other side of the globe.

One of those businesses that has both remained OPEN and is a key player in maintaining the infrastructure to keep communicating is CloudSmartz. As a multinational communication service provider headquartered in Rochester, NY with a global workforce not just in the Flower City, but also in Europe, India, and Australia, they’ve navigated an international response to public health, themselves, while also being a critical part of us staying connected and thriving.

While we’ve been social distancing and figuring out how to tackle basic daily routines, much less make a trip across town, CloudSmartz has been operating over international time zones, different countries with ever-changing quarantine and safety measures, and managing some of our telecom networks that traverse land-based data centers, space satellite systems, and subsea cable lines.

If that task seems daunting, there is no other company more poised to meet the challenge. CloudSmartz has built itself into a much sought-after global partner, and our team at Steven James is so proud to call them our partner and share their story.

Remember, your story is our story.

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