Summer Check-In

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Paul Root
August 25, 2022

We know it’s not over for a calendar month, and we aren’t suggesting it is…but back to school is coming up soon…and football games and…okay, we’re not going to mention pumpkin spice…! We’re just hoping you’re having a safe, fun, and productive summer to whatever degree you had hoped, be it one of the forward charge flavor or the sit back and recharge your batteries variety.

While the summer has been busy, and probably far-too-hot, we want to take this opportunity to issue a little public service announcement: Wait at least a half hour after eating before you swim…just kidding! But in seriousness, this is the time, in those dog-days of summer, that we should all be doing a bit of a marketing gut-check.

At the risk of a humble brag, Steven James has had a fantastic summer! The feature film we produced, The Mystery of Her, released on Netflix around the globe, and broke into the Netflix Top 10 most streamed movies in the entire world in early July 2022. It was exciting to think that our work and our home city of Rochester, NY – from the Memorial Art Gallery to the House of Guitars and many recognizable landmarks – was screened and engaged by so many people in various countries.
And our global connections didn’t stop there! We made several new friends & partners in Europe, including one who has been pioneering blockchain technology. – Still confused on blockchain?...Don’t worry, we can give you the crash course at our next TED Talk.

We’ve also had a busy production schedule, practicing our craft with new agency collaborations, taking part in proud heritage community events, devising motion graphics and video for new technologies (patent-pending), and because it’s 2022, launching a new app-based service.

While you’ve assuredly had a busy summer, that busy-ness has certainly meant you’ve been practicing your craft too!

We can’t wait! Check in with us to say hello, bounce some ideas around, or if you need any assistance in making your vision a reality. It’s what we do. It’s what we love.

Enjoy the rest of the summer!

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