The Year of the Butterfly (Effect)

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Jess Pavone
September 3, 2020

e’ve all heard of the butterfly effect. It’s the assertion that a small change in one place will have dramatic, lasting repercussions to the story in another. Just think about it, if we all left the house this morning 5 minutes earlier, or for that matter, 5 minutes later, how would our story have been different? And how would our different interactions affect those with whom we engaged, and then their interactions and so on with every flutter of the butterfly’s wings?

At this point we can likely all agree that Chaos Theory, from which the butterfly effect is derived, would arguably be an apt description of 2020. We’re all collectively navigating new plot twists in our stories, and just trying to hold on to something sturdy while the wind generated by the flap of wings tries to knock us down.

But we’re all strong people. We made it here together. So, let’s keep going!

Let’s keep creating new stories. In fact, let’s turn what has been a stressful, even painful time, into an opportunity. Join us in thinking about our next chapter as a “Choose Your Own Adventure”book.

Steven James | Stories are our personality

There are a lot of looming decisions that will have vast butterfly effects: sending our kids back to the classroom or opting for remote learning, traveling or choosing to stay close to home for our end-of-summer vacation plans, or moving forward with a new business or marketing endeavor that has had a pin in it for a while.

So many things are, and will always remain, out of our control. But we can all learn to be better storytellers by embracing the opportunity to be our own narrator. Set your next scene with a new adventure, take in the rising action or even conflict as it occurs, think about how you, as a character in your own story, have the power to make the next big move, to be your own butterfly. At the end of that chapter, we know you’ll have one amazing story to tell. And we’ll be there to help you share it.

Your story is our story.

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