Time to Strain Your Brain

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Paul Root
January 12, 2022

It’s the New Year! Magical how that flip of the calendar page lights a fuse – suddenly everything is possible again! Even probable by the excitement and renewed faith and energy you have in yourself, your ability to hit your goals, and the certainty with which the dominoes are lining up.

It is a good thing…a very good thing! But in our Bossify Your Brand series begun way back in that old year of 2021, our third mantra is Passion and Energy Are Tactical. We discussed how this mantra (after Be A Better Storyteller and Video Is Vital) is simultaneously (and paradoxically) the one that you have the most direct control over but can also be the most elusive to wrangle.

Steven James | Bossify Your Brand

Use the start of 2022 to evaluate closely and give deliberate thought to the idea that Passion and Energy Are Tactical. Use a process to dig down on the projects, people, and places you are going to invest your passion and energy in this year. Perhaps you have a tried and true method of evaluation for the target areas you are ready (or not) to commit to.

If you don’t have a clear and effective strategy, now is the time to develop one with our help.

We can strip away the noise and provide an objective perspective on how your marketing & growth ideas can best pair with your operations.

A working metaphor of a strainer seems apropos. Run your ideas through your own (or our team’s) brain strainer a number of times. If you are putting some real effort into the process, you should feel a bit of strain. On the other hand, if you have a project that you really have to strain to justify (or worse yet, you find yourself rationalizing), it’s one to put aside for another time and place.

It is important to measure your objectives both individually and collectively. Do they flow? Do they bring residual benefits to one another? Are they in singular silos (and, if so, there should be a sound reason). Do they prepare you for future growth or position you to achieve your macro targets?What is the delineation between your money-makers and your passion projects?

These questions need to be addressed, or you may find yourself and your organization quickly drained of both passion and energy. Worse yet, your products, services, or workflow can become stagnant and suffer.

The time is now to plan the tactical strategy for applying your most important resource: your passion and energy. You can do this. You can do anything right now. It is the new year!

And if you find you “can’t,” let us know! We’re happy to lend you our strainer.

But do it before it’s not the new year any longer.

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