'Tis The Season: Out of Office

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Paul Root
July 23, 2021

After a year when getting away was often not possible, literally, our wanderlust has strongly returned. In fact, latest reports indicate air travel creeping back to 2019 levels and car travel over the past July 4th holiday all the way back.

Here at Steven James, in the past couple of months our team has enjoyed numerous points across our beloved Empire State from the Finger Lakes to the Capital Region.

Steven James | Your Story Matters

We’ve celebrated milestone birthdays with family in northern Maryland, a wedding in Virginia, caught a ball game in Philly, and had a reunion with loved ones near Chesapeake Bay. We’ve been oceanside at Tybee Island near Savannah, Georgia, and we basked in the sun of Jamaica.

Vacations don’t often drop like manna from heaven. They take time, coordination, and usually overcoming some barriers associated with getting there -- or staying put but getting away from the daily routine. But that makes them all the more precious. Vacations present the opportunity for us to catch a breath, evaluate where we are, appreciate the sacrifices we’ve made along our journey, and enjoy our loved ones. They let us add some memories in our minds and photos on our phone cameras when the memories fade a touch.

Vacations allow us to finish one page of our own stories and flip to the start of the next. Or, maybe best of all, they are the golden opportunity to do not a thing besides enjoy a favorite drink, a favorite song, time together, or time alone.

However you do it, make sure you do you. We will note with a smile when we receive the next message that says: ‘Out of Office for a while.’ Feel free to send us a pic upon your return.

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