Video is Vital

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Jess Pavone
September 17, 2021

Once that better version of your story is discerned, the next question is: “How do I best position it?

Which brings us to the second of our 3 mantras: Video is Vital.

Steven James | Video is Vital

Simply put, we live in the age of the visual image. The human brain processes images at an exponentially faster rate than it does the written word -- 60,000x faster to be precise. Both science & common sense tell us it really is a simple matter of optimizing the small amount of time you have to engage your market.

You’re probably asking, “How do I incorporate video into my brand presence?

As it turns out, the options are numerous, but here are a few easy ways:

  • Website video: Visitors spend 88% more time on a website with video. Getting traffic to your site is one thing, but we’ve all pondered how we can get prospects to stay longer. Here’s your, video.
  • Client testimonials: Reading an endorsement is one thing, but seeing the face & hearing the authentic tone of the person singing your praises elevates that testimonial. Suddenly you have something that is both more believable & actionable.
  • Short product demos/explainers: Whether a product or service, the “things” we are trying to put in front of clients is meant to solve or prevent a pain-point. But when the market is saturated with competitors and their ideas, showing not telling is the game-changer.
  • Vlogs: Vlogs (video blogs) are an excellent alternative to traditional written blogs. They can be interspersed with your written blogs as a great change of pace for powerful impact and strong engagement. Some clients decide to use vlogs exclusively in their messaging.
Steven James | Video is Vital
  • Corporate recruiting: Finding the right talent for your brand is complicated enough, compounded by the pivot to mold those new recruits in training. Using video right from the beginning to convey your brand’s culture & work-style will help weed-through candidates to determine if they are the right fit before a resume even lands in your inbox. From there, self-submitted video responses can be used to screen 1st round applicants, reducing the time spent on face-to-face interviews until later stages of the process.
  • Corporate training: Once new candidates are on-boarded, video is a far more effective means of training, especially given the social distancing concerns of a crowded training room. Video can be live action, motion graphics, or the combination that best fits your aims.

Whatever your video needs, we’re ready to help you from concept to full production. Maybe you could benefit from the friendly ear & expertise of our team to determine the best way for you to incorporate video—from simply expanding your existing video presence to repositioning it. Let’s chat today!

We’re always more than happy to have a conversation—the start of every story.

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