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Paul Root
May 27, 2020

ver the last few weeks, we’ve been talking about finding good news amid the uncertainty. There’s been a lot to recognize, and we are forever thankful to you for sharing in those stories. Now it’s time to start talking about rebuilding & recovery. While we’re all still mindful of taking precautions, we’re ready to be part of a different story.

Our clients are found across the nation, but with our headquarters in New York and building & construction one of the first industries green-lit for reopening in our own backyard, we just have to tell you about SEI Design. They’re a member of our client-family whose story is constructed on building community…quite literally.

SEI Design Architects survey a new school aquatics facility

From our first conversation, there was palpable passion and strength of dedication in the room. Listening to the story of the elementary school kid running up to a construction worker to say, “thank you for my new library”, we were embarking on more than a project with an architectural firm specializing in K-12 schools.

We were bearing witness to a team of professionals who are, at all times, self-aware that they are designing beautiful structures in which people will grow, learn, work, and thrive.

Through their craft, SEI is creating extensions of our communities that go beyond function or just design-for-design’s-sake, rather every element is purposefully selected to inspire & engage. And that’s where the true beauty exists.

SEI Design Renderings

We’ve been privileged to continue telling these stories and sharing their positive impact on people just like you. Thank you for listening as we give these narratives voice.

Remember, your story is our story.

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