Your Story Is What Drives Us

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Luci Breuer
May 13, 2020

e have all been traveling through some bumpy terrain as of late. Together, we look forward to the road ahead with hope and optimism. Thank you for tuning your radio to our channel, listening as we’ve told stories of the Steven James Family, people just like you who have inspired us or helped others to navigate the new normal. We couldn’t be more thankful for your company on this unexpected trip.

Some of the best travel companions we have had along the way are those at Dorschel Automotive Group. For the past few months, they’ve overcome everything from small bumps in the road to complete roadblocks, even some hard stops. Keeping us all moving, while staying in place, is no small feat.

Finding the Right Ride with Dorschel

Their service departments have been there to provide essential repair and maintenance to keep us safe on the road. Their sales departments have adapted their processes and protocols to adhere to regulations that have changed rapidly and frequently.

Thankfully, the team at Dorschel has gone the distance while we've had to be socially distant. Buying a car is an important decision; so an obvious question is how do you deliver a big-ticket item while minimizing the process? Turns out the team at Dorschel has test-driven that course & continues to provide options for whatever your shopping preference may be. If virtual shopping for your vehicle is more your style, the process is streamlined to minimize face-to-face, with your signature being the only in-person requirement. If a more traditional experience is your preference, Dorschel is now holding appointments, with all necessary safety protocols in place.

The Brands of Dorschel Automotive

We are honored to work with and for one of Greater Rochester’s most iconic businesses, family owned and locally grown. Rick Dorschel has created a customer-focused culture based on integrity, quality and honesty at the Dorschel Automotive Group.

At Steven James, we’ll keep talking about the inventive ways our friends & family continue to drive & thrive. Let’s continue to celebrate each other and support one another on the journey ahead.

Your story is our story.

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