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Jess Pavone
May 6, 2020

ou’ve been our inspiration at Steven James to keep sharing stories of hope, opportunity, and even humor in these recent days! The weather is starting to turn more Spring-like, and there are encouraging signs that we can cautiously start venturing out and engaging in ways we’re used to doing again in the near future.

As we slowly emerge from ‘Stay at Home’, we’re thinking about all the simple things we want to do like freely shop at a store, get away for the weekend, and go see our hair stylist or barber to trim back the human Chia Pet experiment atop our heads. For our team, daily video conferences have become audio only…everyone’s camera is suddenly “not working correctly”.

Shear Ego Online Learning

And, yes, school is still closed and the kids are home. Every. Single. Day.

But what happens when you’re both a hair salon and a school? That’s a challenge presented to our client family at Shear Ego. Not just a renowned salon & spa, but also an educational center training our future stylists, manicurists & estheticians. Facing a double threat to their livelihood, and let’s face it, our appearance, Shear Ego has boldly taken the step of moving their hands-on, people-centered education model totally virtual. Their students are still learning, preparing for licensing, and readying for our next visit to their salon.

Of all the members of our client-family, they are among the most dramatically impacted. When they again open their physical doors, we will be the first in line. We’ve been privileged to partner with the incredible team at Shear Ego in communicating their story as they adapt and show great resiliency.

Your story is our story.

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