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Thom Georgia
August 12, 2021

Absolutes -- always and nevers and nobodys and everybodys -- is dangerous in business. Life too if we’re being honest. Nevertheless, we are going to dip our toes into the forbidden water and say that NO ONE who has ever started a business (at least a legitimate one) did not believe they had a product or a service that people needed, and that they could ultimately deliver.

What happens between the first blossoming of that belief and the measurement of success or failure is what we will help you define in our new continuing e-series, Bossify Your Brand!

Bossify Your Brand with Steven James

We know, you’re probably already thinking, “But my company’s not Apple,” or, “I don’t sell a sexy product.” Here’s a little secret: You don’t need a blue chip budget nor have to R&D the next sleek smartphone to garner a following…you just need to remember why you originally believed in your brand, then make others feel the same way you do.

Marketing is about packaging something for the marketplace, and advertising is getting in front of eyeballs. They’re important, just not the complete story. But your brand & branding, well that’s about how you make people feel, and how they in-turn respond to that feeling.

In this series we will offer solutions to hurdles we all encounter trying to make our brand a real boss. It’s not an endless list or an exhausting platitude; it comes down to 3 simple & ultra-powerful mantras.

Be a Better Storyteller. Anyone can cobble together brochure copy & talking points, but without an authentic voice, a compelling story, and some depth-of-personality to make you feel the call to action, it’s just a gallon of weak tea sitting out at the potluck amid every other company.

Video is Vital. Because science…No really, the jury’s back on this one. Our brains process video exponentially faster than the written word. And when the market is saturated with ads one after another, your creative canvas to make a statement (and be remembered) is finite. So, maximize your exposure and throw a video up on it.

Passion & Energy Are Tactical. If our first two mantras were 1 + 2, this is certainly the sum total of 3; the mantra that completes the others. If you’re going to be a better storyteller, you best believe what you’re saying. And when you do, that’s when you need compelling video to help share it. Follow that up with recruiting the best talent. Even hiring has gone video now. – Video recruitment allows you to showcase in the most authentic terms your brand’s authentic culture…meaning you’ll attract talent that is a best-fit. – Coming full circle, that long-term talent you just invested in becomes your brand ambassadors, your real-life passionate, energized, animated storytellers.

As we launch this new series to Bossify Your Brand, we will be reinforcing these mantras and show how they guide what we do at Steven James for each brand in our client-family from the creative to the strategy to business insights and other thinky-things.

We’re here to be your partner, to serve as an extension of your team, roll-up our sleeves and get in the dirt fun with you, all to strip away the noise & present the best version of you to the waiting customer.

And once that’s understood, the only question after that is simply this: Are you ready to make your brand a boss?

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