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Thom Georgia
April 22, 2020

our story is a collection of experiences, including this chapter currently being written. Right now we’re all hearing stories of people banding together to make the most of a challenging situation. At Steven James our continuing mission is to ensure those voices are heard, especially when hope and inspiration are needed most.

In recent days we’ve witnessed our client family do amazing things for the communities they serve and find new ways to thrive in a changed world. Two such members of our family, CCOR and Adrian Jules, have even forged an inspiring collaboration.

CCOR & Adrian Jules working together during COVID-19

Adrian Jules, an icon in fashion for over 55 years, has turned their talent from making custom luxury garments to producing face masks that were in short supply. Among the recipients were the home care professionals at CCORwhose team provides home care services regionally to people in need.

We have never been more humbled and honored to put our collective efforts behind helping our client family and partners than we have been during these unique times. At Steven James we’re a clan of creative problem solvers, and collaboration is how we will write the next chapter of our story together. So, to those looking for a family like ours, know we’re here for whatever you need, whether it’s a major challenge, a collaborative brainstorm, or simply some advice. We are all walking this path for the first time, but we walk it together.

Remember, your story is our story.

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