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Thom Georgia
April 29, 2020

ast week we shared an inspiring story about a unique collaboration between members of our client family. We shared that story because we’re all in a state of flux, but the need to wrap ourselves in good news and positivity is how we will continue to thrive.

In response to our message, we heard many more stories. Some of loss, some of struggle, yet thankfully, many of hope, especially from our partners like three+one, a FinTech firm helping public entities and people like us all across the country.

You may ask, “How is a financial-tech company helping me right now?” Afterall, many of us may be out of work, or at the very least know friends & family who are. But that has a trickle-down effect on our communities. If our town or city is not taking in revenue, what happens to the services we expect to be therelike police officers & firefighters, safe water, or even the routine things like trash collection?

three+one® Helping Communities Across the USA

Our client family at three+one knows this is probably the last thing you want to think about, but also the last thing you want disrupted. Instead, they’ve coupled the power of technology along with their sense of duty to help public government entities use data to generate new sources of revenue without raising taxes. That’s a benefit to all of us, and at Steven James, we could not be prouder to stand with our three+one family in support of their work in communities all across our great country.

We will keep telling your stories because we know they need to be heard, and because we are all writing this next chapter together.

Your story is our story.

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