Passion & Energy Are Tactical

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Thom Georgia
September 30, 2021

Shakespeare famously wrote: Above all else, to thine own self be true. The greatest advice from perhaps the greatest advice-giver of…ummm…all-time? (at least he’s on the short list).

The truth is that of the 3 foundational mantras in our ‘Bossify Your Brand’ guide, ’Passion & Energy Are Tactical’ is the one mantra that is most in your control. That being said, it is also the most challenging of the 3 to decipher. (A reminder of our 3 brand mantras here).

Our premise is that nobody has ever started a business – a legit one anyway – without the belief that they could deliver their product or service successfully, uniquely, and profitably. We all push off from shore with a degree of confidence. It is when the bad weather and choppy waters begin to buffet the ship that we become unsure of ourselves.

We urge that you consistently return to your passion of where you were and why you started your brand. You never believed there would be no challenges or curves in the road. So accept them as being a natural part of business, and do not feed them the essential fuel of your energy and passion. Of course, you have to deal with the obstacles that arise. But they should not consume you.

When you do feel you are devoting an inordinate amount of time to the daily dings, it is time to make deposits back into your reserves. We are not talking monetarily (although it’s always good to make those deposits as often as possible!), but deposits into your passion and energy bank.

For this week, let’s focus on some internal ways you can return to your core beliefs on a consistent, measured basis (spoiler alert: we’ll touch on some external ways in the near future!). -- And not just the internal pep talk in your head, but devoted time (weekly is probably a good rule of thumb).

  1. Block off your schedule for brand reflection. Write it down, sing it out loud, talk to the cat, anything that returns your good energies & passion to the universe.
  2. Carve out time to do something that feeds your entrepreneurial spirit.
  3. Stop comparing your present situation to others’ outward successes. In reality, we’re all on the same Shakespearean stage; some people are just better actors at masquerading their pain points.

Remember why you believed that you could do this in the first place. It will keep that fire burning even when you think the oxygen is running low.

This is an internal process for individuals and organizations alike. It cannot be tied solely to the efficacy and value of your product or your service. Those can and will be modified over time. Your passion and energy must be used tactically, not drained on the items that will, in the long run, be non-foundational to the success of your brand.

Your passion, your energy, where you expend them—this is the most important decision you make. At Steven James, “authentic voice” is one of our agency drinking games (come on, you’ve all seen Mad Men). But it’s also our way, the only way, we help you remember why you originally believed in your brand, and equally important, why you spread that belief to others.

So, when you feel that fire within starting to dim, when the air feeding it gets low, when that passion is replaced by doubt, unsurety, or feelings you can’t even verbalize yet, know we’ve got you.  -- We’ll help strip away the noise, dig into the passion and energy inside, and tactically turn it into your authentic voice…oops, drink!

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